unlike many other people I didn’t have a positive experience of my medical team. Communication was poor and I ended up making a complaint. has anyone else had experience of doing this? What’s the best place to get some support. I don’t want to sue the hospital or anything, just get them to listen and be a bit more honest with me about what went wrong.


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Hi journeyman,

Wherever you are in the country there will be a local advocacy service called ICAS. They are there to support people who want to make a complaint. Your hospital should be displaying their leaflets but if not then ask at the PALS desk in the hospital or try the local library for the contact details.

I made a complaint about something and got a written apology.

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I wrote a letter with suggestions for improving the service (they ranged from having gowns when you ask a patient to undress to reorganising surgery/tests/chemo to avoid lengthy and stressful waits). I didn’t get a reply. I then sent the same letter to the Chief Executive of the hospital and got a very good, detailed response. I strongly suggest you do write - without feedback the service will never improve. A lot of the time, the people at the top have absolutely no idea of what’s happening day to day on wards, etc, and patients are too worried about reprisals to say anything. So nothing improves…
good luck!

You are not alone…
I felt I wanted to give feedback on “my experience” as I didn’t want someone else to experience the bad parts too.

I contacted PALS with suggestions regarding improvement of care following a couple of stays in hospital. I didn’t ask for a response and didn’t get one, but I know that the message was received.

I also spoke directly with my onc who did follow up and come back to me regarding some of the problems.

On another occasion I was advised that contacting Nursing Times is also a good way forward - not from the onc I should add!

Hi Journeyman- I complained in person about the chemotherapy experience in the hospital where I was treated. (overcrowding, lack of privacy, attitudes of some of the nurses, very long delays etc. etc) I spoke to the nursing 'matron" …and after I had had a 2 day admission to the oncology ward, I complained again! (similar issues - but the ward was also dirty)

Although the nurse I spoke to was very pleasant and apologetic, I was not convinced that she was really going to do much to remedy anything so I made a complaint in writing to the chief exec. and got a full and thorough response from him. He assured me that the issues I raised would be brought up in the appropriate places and I have to believe that this has happened.

One of the things the matron said was that she had actually received very, very few complaints (ie it was ME who had the problem!!) However- I know that MANY people were not happy over these same issues - but didn’t do anything about it; there just seems a general reluctance to say anything (maybe thro’ fear of what might follow- being labelled difficult etc ?) - but it is really up to us all to complain if we are unhappy.