Complementary Therapies - can anyone recommend one?

Can anyone recommend any complementary therapies whilst undergoing chemotheraphy - just for general wellness and combating sickness would be good!

Thanks, as ever ladies.


Hi pinkrose I have put a link below to the breast cancer haven website,all the therapies are free and if there is not a haven in your area there is also a free CD and DVD pack,hope it helps and good luck with the chemo.

I live in south east london and we have a cancer help center which also offers therapies.

Best wihes Melxx

Hi, Pinkrose
I was refered by my BC nurse to the local hospice day centre where I had various therapies including reflexology (my favourite) the therapist are trained to deal with people on treatment.Carol

I had acupuncture during chemo and I really think it helped. I had it through The Haven in west London and the therapist really knew what she was doing.

I had shiatsu (accupressure) free through our local Cavendish Cancer Care centre in Sheffield. It was lovely and relaxing. I was stressed at the time, and wanted a hands on therapy.

Since that has finished I have carried on seeing the same therapist, but she now does a combination of acupuncture and shiatsu as she says acupuncture makes more impact. I would agree, because I have not been quite as tired after my 2 sessions. I have to pay now, but I claim 75% back from Westfield Health Scheme, so it’s not expensive for me.

I have surgery next week, and will be having more acupuncture - I think I will need it for pain relief as well as fatigue as I am having a MX + LD flap reconstruction.


I live in Cheltenham and therapies are offered in the hospital by the Focus charity. They offer indian head massage (which is soothing), massage (relaxing) and reflexology (which is meant to help with drainage of lymph nodes).

Janette xxx

Thank you so much ladies. Will look into all this. My BC nurse has unfortunately not been much support to me, thank goodness for this site!

Julie - I also had MX and LD flap reconstruction last November, the pain wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, just very uncomfortable for the first few days. I was completely off pain killers after 2 weeks and off the morphine (it made me sick, but everything does) after 1 day I couldn’t stand it! - Good luck with it Julie. (I am very pleased with the result, by the way).

Thanks again all.