Complementary Therapies

Complementary Therapies

Complementary Therapies I have copied this post for new user mary111 from undergoing treatment forum

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posted on 22.01.07 7:43 pm

Hi all

I have a relative who is 1/2 thru her chemo for breast cancer which is also in the lymph nodes. I would be interested to know what people think of reflexology and body massage. I would like to pay for her to maybe undergo these treatments in a beauty salon to make herself feel a wee bit better but I don’t know whether there are dangerous i.e. could massage stimulate the cancer cells to move around the body into other areas thru the lymphatic system. Thank you.

mary when I was having chemo several ladies LOVED soothing massage therapies! How kind of you to think of helping this way
.I’m sure they wouldn’t send ca cells round body- the chemo should be finishing the nasty little things off- that’s what it’s for. dilly

Mary 111 Hi Mary

Breast cancer care produce a publication leaflet on complimentary therapies, which has some information on reflexology and massage.
It can be found at the following link:-

I hope you find this useful

Kind regards
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Reflexology Hi,
I had to add to this post because I am a Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner.
Sadly I am also going through treatment for breast cancer at the moment.
Reflexology is brilliant for people who are undergoing treatment for cancer. I have given many treatments to people with various cancers and they have told me that it has helped with relaxation, stress relief, and in aiding sleep. I would advise you to find a therapist by contacting a professional organisation such as the Association of Reflexologists.
You may find it helpful to also consider giving Inner Talk CDS. They provide (free) Cancer Remission CD’s for therapists and people dealing with cancer.
There web address is easily found on the internet.

Reflexology and Reiki I had both when going through my treatment and would definetly recomend both, though t is advisable to check ith your onc., first , i think as a form of relaxation most recommend it, infact some units have a reflexologist availablefor you to see whilst waiting for treatment.
i also have the above mentioned cd, the only thing i found with it was, 1…having enough time to listen to it for the recommended amount of time and 2…i found i got quite emotional after listening to it, i know a few other people have mentioned feeling this way too.