Completely flat chested?

I am recently home from hospital having just had a second mastectomy operation. I was diagnosed in April 08 and underwent chemo on the NeoTango trial then a mastectomy and then radiotherapy. I finished that lot in November last year and went back to work in January determined to get back to ‘normal’. Unfortunately I developed lymohoedema in March this year but by July I had managed to get that under control.
I read all about the different types of reconstruction but couldn’t face the options open to me but neither did I want to stay so imbalanced. I have had lots of discomfort/pain in my shoulders and upper arms as quite big breasted and therefore very out of balance.
So, here I am now, flat chested but wondering whether there is anyone out there in a similar situation who is happy to be flat chested but would also like to occasionally wear a pretty bra that gives you a slight bust/bit of shape? Does anyone know if there is a padded AA or A cup bra that will do that sort of job without messing about with prosethes or pads?

Here’s hoping???



Hi Sue

I’m a small cup size and have had a single mastectomy. I still found that I need a prosthese or softie in a bra, even a ‘shell’ type one. Sorry

Have you looked at the breast free website, they have lots of different photos which are helpful.

Well done on your decision. I found the whole decision as to whether to have a recon. or not really hard. In the end I opted for not and seem to be coping quite well.

take care


Hi from another flattie! I’m comfortable the way I am, and likewise felt that prostheses weren’t for me-and reconstruction was a definite “no no”! Anyhow, just in case you’re not aware of it, the Nicola Jane range might have something suitable for you.I’ll pm you the link.

Hi Elaine

Thanks for this. It is early days yet but even so I look so much better flat chested than one D cup on one side and nothing on the other! Like you I expect to not bother most of the time and wear comfy, soft camisoles/vests etc. I just wondered about one or two of my dresses and how they would look. But, I have had a quick try on this morning and they don’t look bad at all.

Thanks for the link, I will have a look later today, I have plenty of time on my hands just now.

Best wishes


Hi Pauline

Thnaks for your post. I did look at the brest free site prior to my decision and op. I think I would have considered a reconstruction if I was able to have one of the expander jobs followed by an implant. However, I would have had to go for the tummy tuck option or section from the back and I could only view it as a form of butchery. I was also worried about the long term health problems that could arise from additional surgery sites on other parts of my body.

Whilst in hospital one of the nurses, young, slim and attractive, gave me further reassurance (not that I really needed it, as I knew this was right for me) as she had nursed many women at another hospital in the north west where they do a lot of reconstruction operations and said that she would never consider it as she had witnessed the pain/potential problems first hand. There are some very brave women on this site who have been able to deal with all that. It is great that we are given the choice.

Best wishes


I had a double mastectomy in Feb 2007 and like you couldn’t face the prosthesis problems - I did go and be fitted but it felt odd wearing false breasts to keep other people happy! I have been very content not to wear anything apart from cami vests. I get the odd look sometimes but I’m happy.


HI ladies. i had a double mx in june this year have decided not to go for recon , my body has been through enough and im wendy with or without boobs. ive got the falsies but will just wear them for special be honest i dont miss them,dont know why.obviously i wish this hadnt happened,but it did and i would rather be alive than have a pair of boobs.