Compression bras and knickers post DIEP

I am trying to find research evidence re wearing compression garments post DIEP reconstruction. Opinion between plastic sugeons seem to veer between no bra at all to full blown surgical compression bras. What are compression garments felt to achieve or prevent? I am bemused and confused.

I just wore a support bra and some suck it all in high waisted pants, you know the ones like spanx that go up to under the bust

The hospital gave me a compression bra post mx and implant reconstruction. It’s quite comfortable, although looks like a straight jacket !

Could it be to reduce seroma?

This is what I am not sure about (seroma). Ive tried doing a basic literature search with no useful results. It seems odd that surgeons are firmly in such different camps. I just want it to go as well as possible and dont want to find that there are things I could or should have done after the event.

I was told mine is to help prevent the implant moving as well as preventing swelling, although not necessarily seroma

I developed a seroma on my hip from the first scar revision (stage 2) and used compression pants and weekly ultrasound on that area, administered by my physio Sarah, broke it up faster over the course of nearly 6 months. I am very slow at healing bruises and swelling. I’m in compression pants again (second stage 2 July 31st.) and bought these I have online for £5 each onsale (bought 2) at John Lewis. I’ve never been without a compression bra since my first diep op and found the stretchy, no wire ones sold at Sainsbury’s for 5£ each, work best for me. I wear a medium compression for day and a lighter, older washed many times ones to sleep in. If I go braless, after about an hour, my diep breast feels weird, almost like it is pulling away from my chest. I know it’s not, yet I feel more comfortable with my 24/7 bra regime than not.

It’s very confusing isn’t it as there is so much conflicting advice out there and even the ps’s seem to have differing views! I think they are mainly used to control swelling, and provide much needed support to hold everything in place whist everything knits together…
Think the advice does depend upon the type of recon you have, and my experience is purely with DIEP - I had a double last June - you may want to check out our thread as there is lots of info on there…
Anyho, after my op, I wore a sports bra 24/7 for months, and carried on wearing it during the day for maybe nine months as it was so comfy - this is the one I chose and highly recommend:
Sizing can difficult to start with, as initially you will be swollen, so may be an idea to get some cheaper sports bras till the swelling goes down - some girls recommend the ones from George or Matalan.
As to pants, I found the support shorts brilliant - ideally you want something high waisted - and I was really lucky as I got some fabulous black quite sexy DKNY support shorts from TKMaxx - and I happily still wear them now!
Like LB, I’ve just had my stage 2b done - the 7th August - and am back in my trusty sports bras and shorts:) So don’t chuck 'em away until you are sure you are completely finished with them!
Good Luck

Sue x

Hi, thank you for your replies. What are stage i, II etc? Has anyone seen the sort of compression bra that has a sort of strap across the front? Amoena does one…

drdspg, the stage 2 is the follow up surgery to sculpting a recon breast and finesse the final outcome. It involves nipple recon, scar revision to the breasts involved, lifting or reducing non-surgical breast, including (in my case having diep), the 20’ inch hip-to-hip incision for smoothing of dents, ‘dog ears’ and puckers. I’ve had two stage 2 revisions since the first big diep op (stage 1). The final will be nipple tat to match my normie right colouring of the nipple and areola.

Its got to the point where I forget that having niples is a normal state of affairs!

Just wanted to thank you ladies for all the info you post on here and(Sue) on your other thread. I’m not having my DIEP until early next year but I’m gaining so much info from your posts. Thank you so much and all the best.

Hi, I had my Diep 6 weeks ago , but received no information when I left hospital. I am wearing compression knickers because my plastic surgeon mentioned it but I have no idea how long to wear them for, and I am wearing non wire bra/ sports bra but don’t know when I can go back to wired bra. I only have a scar where my nipple was, I was not cut any where else on my breast. Was anyone given info when they left hospital that they can share with me please?