Compression socks after a mastectony?

Had a mastectomy yesterday and have forgotten how long the nurse said I had to wear my compresion socks. Does anyone know?

Mine said 3weeks to a month (yucchh!)

I wore mine for 2 days! I was up acne mobile after that and kept doing my ankle exercises when resting too.

Hi Sandra I had mine on for a couple of hours pre op and kept them on for about 24 hours. Nurse in hospital said 24  to 48 hours. I couldn’t wait to get them off lol xx Anne x

Hi Sandra I had my SNB biopsy on wed and am feeling ok but am having right side masectomy this wed 11th and am wondering how much worse I’ll feel? How are you? Are you still in hospital or are you home? I think it’s more the worry oF the unknown that the actual op and recovery. Any tips? Xx

Your BCN will know,as depends on surgeon.However,when resting or at night wear them till next appointment,but take them off when up and about.I wore mine for a week,then gradually weaned myself off them I had 11 surgeries,so got quite used to them.?

I was told to wear them until getting back to normal activity.