Concerend about rash

This is my first time posting, do not know where to turn, I went to my gp a couple of weeks ago for an unrelated matter and as I am one of those people that NEVER go to the doctors for anything mentioned in passing that I had been suffering with severe itching on my left breast so much so that you can see nail marks where I had been scratching, thought nothing of it really. The doctor decided to take a look and felt under by arms and asked how long I had had a bruise like rash above my nipple to be honest had not noticed it. She immediatley referred me to the breast clinic.

My appointment is this week and although I have told close family and friends about it I have been putting a brave face on it and telling them that it is nothing and not to worry, I have got myself in a mess thinking about it so much so went a week early to my appt that week ( actually due this Thurs), Can you put my mind at rest and say it does not sound anything to worry about xx

Hi maccymoo, I would love to put your mind at rest and say you have nothing to worry about - but I can’t. Your GP thank goodness has referred you and I hope the person you see at that appointment will put your mind at rest. We hear far to many stories of GPs who do brush things like this to one side - give you a few pills to pop - and say ‘it’s nothing’. Your GP isn’t taking chances. I really do hope that this has nothing to do with breast cancer and that is quite possible. I hope that I will come on these forums next week and find your post saying all is well - everything crossed for you - you have done the right thing.

If worst comes to worst then you will find a lot of us here who will help you through it.


Maccymoo , I am sorry you have had to be referred to the Breast Clinic. Hopefully all will be ok and your GP is just being efficient and covering every eventuality. BCC has a publication you could download from the site about what happens when attending a Breast Clinic you could contact the Helpline and they could post you a copy and go through any queries you have. Tel 0808 800 60000 from 9-5 mon-Fri and9-2 Sat.
Best wishes and remember if you do have any queries there is an enormous amount of support here on the Forums.

Hi maccymoo,

Here’s the link to the publication cackles refers to. Hope you find it helpful. Also if you would like to talk to someone in confidence then the helpline team are here to support you. Calls are free, 0808 800 6000 lines open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

HI there

I’m sorry to hear about your concerns and worries with this rash. None of us on here are experts and, even if we were,it would need some one to do a physical examination in person to inspect the rash etc.

The only person who can alleviate your concerns is a specialist at the breast clinic. The waiting is horrible but I totally agree with Dawn and Cackles that it is good that your GP has taken swift action and been efficient.
I do hope the outcome is a good one for you.
Elinda x

Thank you for all your kind comments have been a great help. I have had a look at the documents that you have sugessted and have a better idea of what to expect at my appointment, think thats most of the problem the fear of the unknown. My appointment is in the morning have checked that I have the right date and will let you know how I get on xx