Concerned and confused 63 yr old

I was taken to hospital 2 months ago with suspected heart attack. Tests showed heart ok but swollen lymph node in armpit and blood tests not clear. Told to have urgent referral to breast clinic. GP made referral and seen within 2 weeks. Examined & mammo & ultrasound - all ok told no need for follow up. Went back to GP 2 weeks ago - left breast now 2.5 inches bigger than  right; painful; clear discharge; pain in armpit. Referred back to breast clinic. Attended yesterday and after appt lasting less than 10 mins I left very confused. He agreed that my left breast was bigger and fell to one side - said if I wanted it corrected I would have to pay! I asked why it had had grown in a short space of time - I was told it is normal? I asked about the pain and he said costochondritis - which I agree could account for the original pain which they thought was heart attack. He then told me to slacken my bra or buy bigger ones - I have been measured and remeasured in the last 2 months because I thought I was imagining the swelling.  Surely this can’t be right? I have googled costochondritis and it does not account for the swollen breast. I’m at a loss at what to do next. I’m 63. Any similar experiences anyone? 

Hi Lorkin,
Sorry to hear you have this anxiety, but it is good that the initial investigations were clear, however, it sounds very frustrating that you still dont have a clear answer about it.
Presumably your gp will get the report through shortly, so it might be an idea to go back to your gp in the first instance.
Do come back here if you need to discuss further & it may also be an idea to post in the ‘ask our nurses’ section.
ann x