Concerns that my body and mind won't cope

Hi everyone I have had my surgery and results showed that cancer gone, margins good and lymphnodes clear. Unfortunately the cancer was grade 3 her2 and er + so I’m being offered chemo, drugs and radio. I don’t know what to do. 


Answers on a post card please !!!



Hi Lee,

Well, it’s good you have clear margins & nodes, as good as it can be. 

As ever, the prospect of treatment is daunting, but it will help to knock back any risk of recurrence, your team will advise. Obviously, other ladies who have had your proposed treatment will also be along to advise.

ann x



You will cope because you don’t have a choice! That said everything gets easier once you acknowledge that this is it and you cannot trade it for a broken leg instead.


I was where you are now this time last year - I had surgery, chemo, rads and am still having the Herceptin. I have just had number 14 and I am getting 18.


The good news but you don’t appreciate it yet is that you are triple positive and that means that they have far more successful treatments that they can give you. By far the worst is to be triple negative because very few treatments are available for them to hit it with.


I just posted on the other thread you are on about the fear of chemo being far worse that having it. You are going to be OK I promise. Ask me about anything and if I can help/support you then I will be glad to xxx