Conflicting information

Conflicting information

Conflicting information There appears to be much confusion surrounding these therapies. The more i hear about these them, the more concerned I become.

Having decided to have a dedicated complementary therapies forum, it would be very helpful if BCC stickied a post detailing the minimum qualifications we should be looking for from these therapists in here.

The complementary therapies industry in this country needs an overhaul as it appears that anyone can set themselves up with very little (if any) training.

Maybe BCC could offer some advice as to which therapies are suitable, and which should be given a wide berth, as advice from the therapists themselves can be conflicting. I have seen BCC’s page on these therapies, but it doesn’t offer any concrete advice.

I am sure it is something BCC will have thoroughly investigated as they offer complementary therapies on their healthy living days.

A summary of qualifications would be helpful, rather than a link to various addresses.

BCC leaflet I think that the BCC leaflet on Complementary therapies is quite helpful and repsonsible.

If you want to use a complementary therapist then check their qualifications and ask whether they are a member of a professional body.

I agree that there needs to be far more regulation of alternative therapists particularly when they make ludicrous claims. A responsible therapist will not promise miracles or cures and will be very open about their qualifications and experience.

I’d say if you want to use complementary therapies then go to someone at a hospital or a recognised centre. Complementary therapies help some people cope with the physical and emotional side effects of having cancer but they do not prevent cancer, help cure cancer or prevent cancer spreading.


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Link to complementary therapies factsheet

Is the link to the BCC complementary therapies factsheet. It can be downloaded from the web or ordered as a print publication.

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information sources When I was first diagnosed I was introduced to ICON (Integrated Cancer and Oncology News) , and have found the information available through this really useful. It is now the journal for a charity aiming to build cancer prevention, but it still is concerned with treatments.

Follow this link to access their range of information: