Confused about lumps

Hello, I’m new to this site and having spent some time reading through the posts I’m now not sure of my symptoms.

I was told a while back that I was what my Breast Clinic described as Lumpy Painful Boobs and would have to learn to live with them !! I accepted this as I’d heard of this before and have been ‘living with them’ since and still kept up regular self checks to make sure that I’ve learnt where and how my lumps feel.
Except now I have very very sore left boob, quite different lumps, constant nagging sort of pain and a change in symmetry and size.
So I know you’ll no doubt scream at me and tell me to get seen asap, but I’m sure that my GP will just think i’m moaning once again about my lumpy boobs, how can I convince them that my ‘womans instinct’ is different this time, I’m sure this isn’t right, I can’t even bear to roll onto my left side, or being bumped into etc, it’s very painful.
Advice please anyone, i’ve made an appt with the GP, but just don’t want to be fobbed off again.
I hope you understand what i’m trying to say.

Hi Mikimoo, the key thing is that you’ve noticed a change in one of your breasts, and that needs investigating. Hopefully it will all be ok, but until you find that out you’re going to be worried and that alone is reason enough to go back. Your GP just has to refer you, and that’s easy for him/her to do, so please insist. Lots of love xx

It’s a difficult one isn’t it? You don’t say how old you are but I’m assuming you’re quite young(?) so a possibility is that your breasts are sore and lumpy due to hormones. If that’s the case the trouble is it will fluctuate - I used to have that problem when I was younger.

That does not mean though that it shouldn’t be checked out. It definitely should. I’d write down all my symptoms. What I would say to my GP if s/he is dismissive, is can they be 100% certain then that it isn’t cancer. I think you should also request to be seen at the breast clinic. I think they’d be unlikely to refuse.

Hope it all turns out to be fine. Elinda x

Thank you Ladies, I’m 42 and today I rang the doctors and insisted on an earlier appt as my breast is very painful and they fitted me in today.
They are referring me to the breast clinic which is a two week wait, they listened to what I had to say, examined me and assured me that the lump didn’t feel suspicious and the growth of the breast, although assymetrical can also be hormonal etc.
So I’ll see what the hospital say, GP has recommended mammogram and FNA of the lump to be sure.
Thankyou for your advice and help, will let you know how it fares.

Mikimoo, there are conditions which are not cancer but which may benefit from treatment. You were absolutely right to insist on seeing your GP. I hope whatever it is can be treated quickly and the pain relieved.


quick update - I have an appt for next Tuesday to see consultant, not sure what else this appt will involve as they’ve also sent another appt for the following wednesday for the Imaging clinic.
So do you think they’ll actually do anything next tuesday.

I’m still having the pains in the armpits and around chest, still got lump which thankfully doesn’t seem to have got any bigger, still have swollen glands in my neck too.

Ok, update, the swollen glands etc seem to be quite a virilant virus which is causing me no end of problems, sore throat, various infections and this morning I have severe Labrynthitis, not a nice feeling, feel like I want to be sick everytime I stand up.

But on the plus side, the Consultant this morning at the breast clinic seems to think I have a cyst and nothing more sinister, the Mammo/ultrasound/biopsy couldn’t be done due to me shaking and wobbling with the dizziness so i shall return next Wednesday for those to be completed.

so I’m a little happier today, hoping it’s nothing more than a cyst and trying to fight the nausea with a prescription from GP so I can get back to work.

Hi Mikkimoo

Ive several friends that have had similar problems & theirs turned out to be fibro cyst as a previous lady posted you done the right thing by going back to your GP & the fact your breast aware & got to know your lumps & pains.

All the best for next Wednesday … if its any consulation I shook like a tree in a gale. I know how hard it is not to worry try to focus on it being cyst this too is such a common condition & so many things that can be done to help with symtoms.

Keep us posted
much love

Hope your ears settle down, labyrinthitis can be SO unpleasant, but good to see you’ve got something for it. And good to get that little bit of reassurance today, that should make waiting for the next appointment a lot easier for you.

Update, went to triple appt today, the Mammogram although extremely painful showed no changed in tissue from last years that would worry them, just normal ‘hormonal and age related’ was what I was told.

The lump I have is a fibrous lump, again due to the above, and so it would seem with the assymetry too.

I was advised to take pain relief, they weren’t at all bothered that I was there again with the same condition as last time and said they’d rather see me everytime I had a fibrous lump that was new and to be sure, than for me to ignore it and maybe it was something else.
So i’m reassured i’m not a time waster, and once again, go on to live with my painful, lumpy boobs, but a happier lady again.

Thankyou all for your kind words and support throughout, and i wish you all the best. Michaela X

thats good news hun and never think not to have them check out
all the best xxx

Mikkimoo, thank you for coming back to tell us your good news, I think the people on this forum are the happiest people on the planet to hear news like yours.