Confused about soya products

Confused about soya products

Confused about soya products Hello everyone - it’s been a while since I posted but I have a question.

Since being diagnosed with BC in 2005 I have tried to eat more healthily in the hope of reducing my risk of reoccurence. I have started to snack on seeds and have recently tried soya beans. I quite enjoy eating these as a snack but am now wondering about the health risks. From what I can gather, soya beans and soya products in general contain phytoestrogens which are similar to the hormones we naturally produce in our bodies. Although the benefits of soya are well known for menopausal women, what, if any, are the risk to breast cancer patients. As I understand, oestrogen seems to fuel growth of tumours, so should I be avoiding soya altogether? I am post menopausal since hysterectomy 4 years ago and HR and PR negative, but would like clarification on this please.

Soya Hi,

I think the jury is stillout regarding soya and bc. I visit the american Johns Hopkins Breast Centre site Ask the Expert forum. Loads of people have asked questions about Soya. If you put Soya in their search field, it should come up with loads of info.
Personally, I am avoiding Soya.
Hope this helps


My onc advised me to avoid substances that mimic oestrogen, including in food. As Janeyb says, there is a lot of conflicting inof about soya. Some research has found that it is a good thing in relation to BC whilst other research has found the opposite, with no clear understanding of why it seems to behave differently in different people. As a vegetarian for over 20 years, I’ve eaten tons of soya and soya products. It did n’t stop me from getting BC.



Hi Sophie

I used to eat lots of soya and after I was dx I asked my dr if I should give up eating it and he said ‘yes it would be wise’. I do still have the odd bit but not to the extent I did before. I know that various web sites I have been on have conflicting views but as I had bc while on soya I don’t think it did anything to help me.
Hope this helps.