confused and scared

Ok went for a mamogram on wednesday whilst there after that off to ultrasound where am told oh yes we can feel the lunp in your right breast but there is also one in your left and can we look at your lymph nodes under your armpit er yes ok. That doesnt look normal we need to do biopsies 2 of each breast and needle in each armpit lying there in tears to be told by doctor I will write a report to your consultant and then he will decide a treatment plan erm have I been told I have cancer ? Why would I need a treatment plan when I havent had any results yet am so scared now

annie121, really feel for you. but dont be scared. youve not been told you have cancer. 

i had a similar comment from my biopsy bod… errr this isnt usual lets see if we can find out whatever it is… than i bent 4 biopsy needles! :slight_smile:

only once the biopsy is back can they tell. 

your treatment plan could simply be an appointment to tell you the result.

or it might be to be told the lumps arnt cancer but need removing anyway. i had that on a previous occasion.

i wont tell you not to be scared the waiting for the results is the worst part…but you are not alone we are Ll here for you