confused by consultant

Hi everyone,

I await my results from a biopsy on Thursday, my initial appointment with the consultant left me wondering what was going on, so I phoned his secretery who asked him if I had BC and his was reply was definately not. 6 weeks from then the ‘nodular area’ had not gone away so he did a biopsy but said that I shouldn’t concern myself…grrr I have heard that they have a hunch as to whether it is BC or not, I just think mine isn’t paying attention! After my biopsy he pressed my breast to stop the bleeding it hurt so much (even with the anesthetic) I had to ask him to release the pressure. I will be so cross with him if I do have BC for making me wait 6 weeks. I guess this happens all the time and why some go private.

Sorry to rant, I hate the waiting XX

Sorry you have had such a bad experience, but regarding the private thing, you might have quicker appointments, but you certainly would not get better treatment. Its the one thing that the NHS does really well, particulary if you go to a centre of excellence because they have so much more funding for trials etc etc. I have two friends who decided to go privately and there both seeing consultants who deal with other things, as well as breast cancer. The doctor that I am under at the Marsden is brilliant and only deals with cancer and I know I am getting the best treatment available.

Hope you get good results, fingers crossed.

Dear Stargazerlily,

Thanks for your reply. You are right. I suppose I was just looking for some information about what happens to the samples, what they will do in the lab, the likelihood of it being cancer, if it’s not then what else might it be? I am really a curious person but I guess it’s not their job to talk me through the ‘ins and outs’.

I will know tomorrow X

Hi Rud sorry you had such a bad experience Ive not heard of anyone having to wait 6 weeks for biopsy result in my area you have a week tops for follow up appointment. regardless if its bc or something else, im sure if it was they would have called you back by now ? it could be a number of things might just be a cyst (fibro)

All the best
keep us posted xx

I was going to suggest calling the helpline if your appointment is in the afternoon, there brilliant and they really will give you tons of information.

Fingers crossed everything goes well for you, please let me know.

SGL xx