Confused, concerned and potentially fuming!

Ok, so ive received my report today, I’ve read it over and over, can’t  be right! I was told at my meeting last week that i had grade 3 er and her2 positive cancer but clear margins and no nodes involved.  I read the report…it says "the tumor is er positive and her2 NEGATIVE! ,!

So ive literally spent the whole day firstly  calling the surgeons number "hes operating all day ill leave a message for you "

So i try my bcn. …no answer allll day…theyre in meetings apparently! NOT impressed. 

Its probably been typed up incorrectly but come on.? makes a hell of a difference,  as if im not scared enough! 

Hi Tina, That must be so horrible for you. Which specific report is this. The biopsy results? Hopefully they will get back to you tomorrow. If it is the pathology result - I think it is very sad that they have just sent it to you, rather you being accompanied by your BCN and be told the results in person and explanations given. It has to be said though that pathology results can vary from the initial biopsy results and MRI scan. This has happened to me - instead of Grade 2, 2-3cm it turned into a Grade 3 11cm cancer. I initially thought the results had to be wrong, but when I saw the print out and discussed it - they explained that it is possible to have different grade cells in different parts of the cancer. The size difference could not have been spotted on the MRI, due to the type of cancer and many strands of it are single cell structures, which are impossible to pick up. I am ER positive and HER2 negative. Although being ER positive will mean hormone treatment - that is certainly manageable, even long term. You may wish to ask your BCN more about HER 2 - positive or negative - to help you understand whether your diagnosis (if correct) is actually better, rather than worse. Wishing you all the best - and hope your road to recovery will not be too bumpy.

Flippng heck Tina thats a pretty big mix up for them to make!! Fingers crossed the letter is right as it would rule out the need for Herceptin,hope you got some answers Xx