confused not sure where to post..

Hi everyone,
Been a few weeks since I got the all clear.
Noticed over last week my breast has become hard sore, compared to other breast very much a visual difference. I had lump removal back in june now I know to expect scar tissue etc. Where I can pinch nipple n around nipple on other breast this one fingers just slip as struggle to pinch at all
Not even sure if wording this right either, I was discharged from unit so not sure who to ask

Hi Justsusie, if you still have a BC nurse give her a ring, try ringing the BCC helpline, or failing all those make an appointment with your GP, you need to have your mind put at rest. Best wishes Pat x

Hi Justsusie,

I had a Hadfields Procedure 7 weeks ago, where my major ducts were removed. Since then, like you I cannot pinch, pick up my nipple without my fingers sliding off. My nipple now just folds inwards.
I was also discharged from Breast Consultant but if it hasn’t improved after 8 weeks I’m going to call the Breast care nurse again for advice, I’m concerned about getting an inverted nipple now.

Do let me know how you get on.
Take care,


Sorry! Double post!