Saw the oncologist today. I had gone to discuss possibly changing from Tamoxifen to an AI as I am having some endometrial issues . I am 50 and have been on tamoxifen for 2 years after a 7mm tubular breast cancer ( no node involvement ) treated with surgery and rads - 8/8 ER positive. He surprised me - he said he would not prescribe an AI as it would makle me feel 60 and he didn’t want that . He then said he would be happy for me to stop the tamoxifen and actually seemed to have a preference for me to do that whether or not these latest round of gynae tests do show I have a problem. He said the difference the tamoxifen would make to my SURVIVAL rate at 5 or 10 years was negligible and if I got a recurrence or a new cancer they would deal with it !!! I haven’t made up my mind yet what I am going to do but I am quite surprised by his attitude. I thought tamox was the wonder drug for all us ER + ladies. What do you all think ?

Hiya, I’ve been diagnosed this year with 8/8 ER + 4mm Tubular cancer with clear nodes and am currently on Tamoxifen with Rads to start in just over a week, I was told I’d be on it for a minimum of 5 years and yes was told it is the wonder drug for ladies in our situation, I’m already thinking of having a full hysterectomy next year due to the chance of having issues like your having in years to come, I wouldn’t feel happy stopping taking tamoxifen although my oncologist has reassured me that Tubular cancer is very early and low grade stuff and unlikely to come back,I still want to do everything I can to boost that chance xx Jo