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Hi this is molly,
I’ve just been diagnosed with early stages of breast cancer in my other breast having had it twice already in the other, im going to visit my consultant today to ask about having a double masectomy, i feel in my head this is the only choice for me but i would like to have some feedback of someone who has been in my situation or simular, i feel as if im loosing my mind, mine has been going on for 7 years and i hate the sight of them now.

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Hi Molly So sorry you’ve got yet another recurrence and completely understand why you feel as you do. I know of people who have had double mastectomies, but I’m not one of them. I had a recurrence last year after 7 years and chose to have a mastectomy for the same reason as you. I could have had a lumpectomy and more rads, but I simply wanted rid of that breast and have never regretted my decision. Yes, I miss my breast, but would do the same thing again tomorrow without a second thought.

I hope someone whose situation is closer to yours will be along to give you their thoughts. Keep posting - you’ll get a lot of support here.

Kathy xxx

Molly, I had a similar experience. I had a mastectomy of the right breast after a large tumour which had spread to the lymph nodes. When a small cancer was found in the left breast five years later I chose to have a mastectomy as I thought I just wanted to get rid of it. However, after eight years I now have a local recurrence on the left scar so maybe my thinking that I was getting rid of the chances of getting cancer again wasn’t really justified. Because I had only one breast I also thought I might as well go for the mastectomy at the time and get evened out. I don’t think this probably helps your decision but I wanted to give you my input.

Hello Molly, sorry to hear you are having a rough time.

There are quite a few of us that have had more than just one run in with cancer.

My story is that I had a mastectomy and immediate reconstruction four years ago when I was diagnosed with DCIS in the left breast. Then, two years after that, I got a lump in my right breast. I was offered a lumpectomy, but opted to have another mastectomy with immediate reconstruction, believing that this would minimise my risk of a recurrence. When the path report came back after this mastectomy it showed a number of very small areas of DCIS in the removed breast, so it appeared that this was the right decision.

I honestly thought that I would hear no more from my breast cancer.

Then, two years later, I developed a lump in my reconstructed breast. Apparently there is always a tiny amount of breast tissue left after a mastectomy, and it is in this that recurrences after mastectomy can grow. I had to have a lumpectomy, and am now going through radiotherapy.

I still think, however, that the two mastectomy decisions wwere right. Although I have had recurrences, I think that I did minimise my risk. It’s always a source of great sadness to me that my breasts are now totally artificial, and I have no feeling at all there, but my reconstructed breasts, in clothes, look very natural and when I wear low cut tops people are genuinely amazed to know that I have had a double mastectomy.

Without clothes on, though, it is a different story. I have a lot of scars both on my back and on my front. I’ve also only got one nipple. But I have got used to the disfigurement and, let’s face it, I was never going to be a topless model. I used to feel self conscious of the scars in communal changing rooms etc, but now I don’t give a fig. I even sunbathed topless in France two years ago.

I know when I had my recurrence I felt so alone, and coming on here was such a help because I realised there were other people in the same boat. HOping you are feeling a bit better.