The new website looks great but I cannot find my thread which was private for myself and one other person. How do I go about finding that thread?

Good point, Marcie. I did regular searches previously as quite often I couldn’t remember if I’d posted or not or if I’d dreamt it, and I’ve just done a search of my name and nothing showed up!!

Hope you have success in finding what you’re looking for.

Maureen xx

I’m confused about searches in general - on the old site you could search for something under a topic heading or all comments. I’ve just tried to search for HER2 as part of a topic but get every comment where it mentions HER2 in every thread- can’t face trawling through all of that so given up!

I’m getting used to the new site but I agree it’s not as user-friendly as the old one, sorry Bertie.

Lesley x