Hi All…
Hi i am due for a mastectomy as i have a high risk of breast cancer…I saw my plastic surgeon yesterday who recommened using the implant expander i have also been offered the tram flap recon. I am really confused about which to have. I know i do want natural looking breasts and the least pain possible. So i would love to hear from anyone who has any of these done and which get the better results…

Hi Princess

Usually your options depend on whether or not you are having radiotherapy. Do you know that yet? If you are having purely a risk reducing mastectomy then it will be skin and nipple sparing so an implant would be all you’d need and you could be considered “lucky”. If you are having radiotherapy then an implent still is the simplest option. Once you get nipples removed, irradiated skin and so on the discussion is more complex.

Hi Dahlia
No i am not having rad. I have a typical ductal hyperplasia which means i have pre cancerous cells and a family history. My mastectomy is preventive, I do know that i do have to have my nipples removed though. Thanks for your help.