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hi i had a bi-lateral mastectomy in fe this year have been told it is possible to get this next year but have heard that it is more difficult to detect cancer if it comes back if i do get it done my surgeon has tried to assure me that things will be fine but i am worried about this, i would like to have it done to gain back my confidence but am really worried that if it does come back that they won`t dect it in time any one else have this worry before going through with the op or are people just trying to scare me

Hi caca11
Sorry I don’t know the answers but I also am considering recon and these are very important questions. As you say it is sometimes hard to find things out, and hard to know who to believe and whether they are telling you everything, or trying not to alarm you, or trying not to put you off, or just not thinking about all the difficulties themselves - this happens with surgeons, for example - at the time of my op. one surgeon said to me, lightly, smiling, “Don’t worry about this, you can have a reconstruction” as though they could give me back what they were taking away - I’m sure it made him feel better to say that, but it didn’t work for me.

Anyway - I just want to say, you are right to be thinking about the possible problems, keep asking, keep pressing for answers and don’t do anything hastily. I’ll be interested in what you find out, and what you decide - do post back when as you progress.


Hello both

Reconstruction will NOT interfere with screening or further “detection”. In any case you can ask, and I have asked and received, MRI scan instead of mammo on my “one year later” check up - far more reliable than mammo.

So don’t let these rumours put you off recon, because they are just rumours. If in doubt speak with the experts i.e. your surgeons and oncologists. The BCC reconstruction booklet is well worth sending for and in there it also tells you the same things. Go to the CancerBackup site too.


Hi, I’ve been advised by my onc that my biggest risk is of a localised recurrence. Both he and my consultant have also advised me that a reconstruction could make a recurrence more difficult to detect as any tumours would be under the reconstructed breast. That is, they would be more difficult for me to detect as I would n’t be able to feel them during a self exam. As that is how I found my cancer in the first place, I’m choosing not to have a reconstruction.



As Regina mentioned in her message breast cancer care have a booklet on reconstruction. This can be found at the following link:-

I hope you find this helpful.

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