Constant infections after chemo

Hi, I completed my chemo on the 2nd of Aprill this year, had a WLE and an alc at the start of May. All went well and there was no sign of the cancer in the tissue removed. However my WLE developed an infection and I looked like a lop sided page three girl! I had this drained over two weeks , but it is still not totally stopped weeping, but is on the mend. I felt much better so returned to work for a few days last week ( I am a secondary teacher). Then yesterday I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy ( a viral infection associated with chicken pox etc). My right side of my face dropped and am not able to smile or close my right eye properly. More steroids and anti viral drugs. more crying with my husband and questions of why?
Got my planning meeting for radiotherapy on Monday, and hair etc growing back, so i am trying to see positives. But not sure where the light is at the end of the tunnel yet.

i was just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences of repeated infections. Are any of you lovely ladies teachers? If so how and when did you return to work.? I was planning on continuing a few dates each week until summer and then full time in September. A little scared now, and anxious as I love my job. Are these infections ever going to end?

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Hi Sunshine75

If you would like to give our helpline team a ring they will be only too happy to talk to you about your concerns. Calls are free, 0808 800 6000 lines open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 10-2.

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator

Hi Sunshine
It sounds like you are going through it!
I finished chemo in Nov 2012 and went back to work in January. On chemo I had to have daily injections to boost my immune system. Since then I have had 3 cold/flu viruses, 2 stomach bugs and a urinary tract infection. has done wonders for my sickness record. If there is a bug around, it appears I will get it - at the moment I have a sinus infection.
I am seeing my oncologist next week and was going to raise it with him - the GP suggested this as she seems scared to make suggestions while I am having Hercptin. I will be interested to see what replies you get.
The constant feeling unwell gets you down and stops you getting back to normal. I am sure we will get there one day though!

Thank you Jo and KahrenQ,

Yes I am sure it will get better as time goes on. Just have to be patient,one thing I suppose I am not very good at. Just want to feel normal again. Yes I remember the daily injections, not pleasant. Now doing facial excercises as well as my arm excercises.One positive is that the steroids I am on seem to boost hair growth, so fingers crossed I will have long flowing locks by the middle of next week,or at least a full head covering of soft new hair! X