Constipation after surgery help!

It seems I am not alone! I got back to my normal healthy diet the day I came out of hospital, had a bowel movement and thought I was back to normal. Last night I found out I wasn’t. Half an hour on the loo, basically trying to give birth to something very large from my bottom. Only my 11lb baby was more difficult. Blocked the loo and was baffled as why this had happened. I had morphine and codeine in hospital, 1 codeine since then and sone paracetamol. I wasn’t aware of the side effects obviously. Thank you ladies for the information. It seems whatever we are going through, there are plenty of others going through it too. I’m off for a pint of water👍

Like you I tried everything then I bought some low sugar liquorice from The Factory Shop and it did wonders. After 3 pieces a day by the 3rd day " I was moving ".
Worth a try, good luck :heart_hands:

I’ve been constipated more so when I’ve taken my nausea medication. Following surgery I had lactulose which helped. However the second time I tried it didn’t work and I found fybrogel helped. Also drinking lots of water and also coffee and weetabix in the morning. I hope it eases as it’s the most awful thing