Consultant says breast cancer pain is not a sign !! It is not painfull !!

Been for check up today as had found a couple of lumps so we t for check up all ok but
In first diagnosis I had pain In My breast lump that alerted me And had been havin pain this time but different consultant said no breast cancer isn’t painful if you had pain it must have been something else
Is this right I’m sure I heard that other had had pain in breast or is she right
rozita x

I had no pain with my lump - it was just a lump it felt a bit heavy (with hindsight) and if you looked carefully at my breast the one with the tumour was slightly lower and heavier than the other one - I have found this out since diagnosis and it is the best way of checking your breasts and any change from your norm should be investigated - you know your breasts better than anyone.   I have heard the medics say that there is no pain with breast cancer - I didn’t have pain as such but I do know of ladies that did feel pain and were diagnosed with BC afterwards - so whether the pain was linked to the cancer who knows and it is a very brave consultant who said it isn’t (in my view) xx

Hi Rozita

               well I certainly had pain in my breast which alerted me to something was wrong and then I found the lump right where pain was :frowning: was a sharp stabbing pain that I had never experienced before, had niggling ache before as large breasts but not a pain like that, and I have heard other ladies have had pain before dx, this is not to alarm you but just to advise you pain IS sometimes a factor, hope all is ok



Hello Rozita

I had some aching in my breast but no lump. It was the aching that persuaded me to take up the appointment that coincidentally arrived in the post offering me an early mammogram at age 47. 

Few weeks later I had surgery and diagnosis and have recently finished radiotherapy!

Best wishes.



Thanks ladies. I know It was a woman consultant and I just said I was a little worried about a lump if found because my breast was also painfull and explained that 5 years ago it was the pain that alterted me that something wasn’t right with a lump which they had told me 2 years before was just lumpy breasts
I just felt that she was telling me I was wrong !!
I know it’s not always the case and they usually say there not painful but to say that pain is good because that won’t be it
I felt was telling me I know nothing !!
I think they should read these forums !!
Thanks. Rozita x

Hi all, my lump was painful. I got sharp pains that use to shoot through it. I wondered after could it be connected to hormone fed cancers as it was similar to the pain felt when it was coming to the wrong time of the month when we tend to get painful and sore boobs anyway. Either way yes mine bloody hurt :frowning: