CONTACT BUTTONS. Hi I know this has been discussed so many times, but are we any further forward with the reinstatement of contact buttons ?

Last year when I was diagnosed, so many wonderful people contacted me personally after reading my story ! and I am still in contact today with these people but so many times recently I have been reading posts from people and would love to contact them directly as people done to me, so please BCC can you advise what is going on.


Hi lorri,

It is so frustrating not to be able to contact people like you used to be able. It is a shame it is taking so long still.

A lot of the ladies here also post on

so if you want to be able to use contact buttons (or private mail as we call it on that site) you could join there as well - the two sites are very different - but i think the contact side of it is very important.

lol Dawnhc

The impact of the other site Its great that we can make contact with each other through the other site but unfortunately I think that facility lets BCC off the hook.

BCC is a major national charirty and its support forums ought to be using the most current technology to provide a service its users want. So please BCC WHEN will the contact facility be resumed…we want it on this site and its simply not good enough to have to go to another site to make contact.


Risktaking The re-instation of a contact button system is not simply a technical one. Users of forums have to feel confident enough to use them.

This was clearly not the case on these forums when the buttons were removed. It is impossible to know if it will be when they are re-instated. There are contact facilities on the other forums and the women who provide them are, it seems to me, taking a big risk in doing so.

However, if the kind of problems arise on those forums, as did on these, it is unlikely that any member would want, or be able, to take legal action against the forum providers because they are not claiming to offer any formal support.

This is not the case with these forums. Breast Cancer Care is a formally constituted and recognised charity. Because of its promotional activities women and men with bc are actively encouraged to use its forums and to trust that they will come to no harm if they do so. BCC is, if the kind of situation arises as did previously, at risk of legal action. In the event of this happening it is likely that the charity will have to pay both legal costs and compensation. THIS WOULD BE A TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE USE OF CHARITABLE MONIES.

Disclaimer of liability I would also hate to see BCC funds disappearing in legal fees but it needn’t happen. BCC just needs to explain the safety systems in place, the remaining pitfalls and to say that if you still wish to go ahead, you do so at your own risk.

Under the old system, I often received emails from people I didn’t wish to contact, so I ignored them. They did not ge my email address, so did not get my real name or contact details.

I did respond to people who were long time users of the forums, whose posts impressed me and seemed genuine people.

I only made one unfortunate contact through the old system and wouldn’t blame BCC for it. It was a calculated risk I was willing to take and I haven’t come to any serious harm!

Most of the people I have dealt with have been genuine. But there were people on the old site who had no wish to support others, in fact went out of their way to cause trouble.

I had some emails I would prefer not to have had, but blocked email addresses I didnt want contact with. I know I’m not alone in this.

I can understand the thinking behind BCC not having contact buttons, but we are all able to choose, and there is another option for contact thru the other site.

For me the support of others, some of whom have become real friends offline also, cannot be underestimated, and for that reason contact buttons are massively important.

Steph (K) x

Private messaging Private messaging, as provided on the other site, doesn’t involve the exchange of personal email addresses, unlike the old contact button system on this site. This is inherently safer, since anyone abusing the system can easily have their membership revoked and would be left with no ongoing access to individuals.

This kind of private messaging is very widely used on internet forums and my experience of it has been universally positive. Perhaps I’ve been lucky, but for me the benefits far outweigh any possible risks.

I certainly can’t see why BCC should be ever legally liable for misuse of any messaging system, providing the system is well-provided with suitable safeguards and its disclaimer is properly worded and clearly displayed so that no-one could claim not to have seen it.

Just my two-penn’orth