Contraception advise please!

Contraception advise please!

Contraception advise please! Not sure if anyone can give me any advice on this. I am on Zoladex injections and Tamoxifen I have not had a period for 2 years now.

I am due to have my Mirena coil removed this week and was not planning to have another one fitted. I am assuming that it will be impossible for me to get pregnant so was planning not to use any contraception.

Has anyone got any advice/experience on this - am I doing the right thing???

Thanks for your help


I was diagnosed with oestrogen-positive BC in 2003 when I was 41.

After a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy I was put on zoladex and tamoxifen. I remained on these drugs for two years during which I did not have any periods. I was, however, advised that contraception was necessary because although I wasn’t having periods I was probably still premenopausal. We decided that my husband should use condoms.

I stopped both drugs at the end of November 2005, just before my 44th birthday. I didn’t have a period until August 2006 when I had the heaviest period I’ve ever had. I then had a light period in October 2006, followed by a normal period in February 2007 and a normal period exactly 28 days later in March 2007.

I suspect that, hormonally-speaking, things are getting back to normal and we are going to have to consider additional forms of contraception.

Hope that this information is useful.

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Thank you Thanks for your reply I did contact my breast cancer nurse who advised me that even with Zoladex injections it was not 100% guarantee that I would not get pregnant - so she advised that we do take extra precautions.

Thanks again to all who have posted.