Contraception After BC

Hi guys,

i am one tear post treatment. Before i had IVF to produce and freezes embryos. them while on chemo the Zoladex injection. Thankfully periods have returned! I was on the contraceptive pill before dx. have now been told by BC nurse that not a good idea to go back on, even though cancer was NOT hormone receptive. I was grade 3. I know there are other forms of contraception, i.e coil- which I have heard from friends is uncomfortable when inserted and can give heavy periods. Condoms, which are ok but i want to feel more in control and not just rely on them. Any suggestions or feedback much appreciated. XX

Just bumping this up for you Nadia because I’d be interested in the response too!

As my cancer is hormone positive I was told to avoid the contraceptive pill by my Doctor. She also said i would be best to avoid the coil. My husband doesn’t like using condoms and won’t go for a vasectomy so my doctor suggested trying the cap. Am going to make an appointment with my gp to discuss this further

Hi Nadia,
I was on the pill prior ro BC, now I use Persona from Boots and wish I’d discovered it years ago- its a machine that measures whether you are fertile or not and gives you red and green days. I love it. If you dont know it then google it
Hope this helps

I thought about using Persona a few years ago as I was coming off the pill after being on it for a long time. I was put off by press reports that women were going to court after becoming pregnant using this method and apparently it wasn’t just a handful of women. I know at the time there were calls for the bigger pharmacists like Boots to stop selling it. I think it’s one of those things you need to get advice on using before you try it; the past press reports said you shouldn’t use it if you would be really upset by an accidental pregnancy.

Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about all this now as I’m post menopausal after the treatment. When I came off the pill, OH was happy to use condoms that was 12 years ago now and it has never given us problems. As we didn’t want children a consultant gynaecologist I went to for something privately suggested one of us should get sterilised, but neither of us fancied it.

I had to stop taking the pill for other health reasons and changed to the none hormonal coil. I found it no worse than having smear when it was put in, in fact I had both done at the same time. My periods remained the same, no heavier and no more painful.

It only has to be changed every 5 years and can be forgotten about in between, except for checking the threads are present once in a while. The hardest thing is remembering when to have it changed, the 2012 Olympics is when i am next due a change!

I am having my ovaries removed soon so I will obviously have it removed at the same time, but it has given me the last 12 years of not having to even think about contraception. No red or green lights, no preperation or spermicides and you dont have to remember to take it with you if you go away for a weekend. It comes with me everywhere!!! LOL

Jackie xx.

I’m considering the non hormonal coil but my mum had a hell of a time on the coil and it is a foreign body in your body so I’m mixed feelings about it. I think I’m going to get fitted for a diaphram instead for now.

I have a friend in Spain who uses the coil and her period lasts for 10 days every month which I think is ridiculous.

hi peeps,
Thanks for your replies.

Lily- i am goin to research this machine further as I have never heard of it.
Lily0 and Cherub I will research but taking what you have said into consideration.
Jacq- thankyou for your reply, glad to hear that you have had no probs.
Vertangie- Thankyou for your reply. I did not realise that ther was a non hormaonal coil. After readiong your replies I am going to research more and talk to the doctor.
I put this post on here as I wanted to speak to people who have had to think about this. thanks for your replies as I know it is a privatre issue.


the cap gave me very bad cystitis worst I’ve ever had. I’ve got the mirena coil. yes i did have a lot of days of lightish bleeding for the first few months after it was inserted but it’s a lot better than the heavy periods I used to have now


Hi Nadia

As you don’t say whether you are married or not - this may or may not be relevant !

I have taken the pill, in one form or another since I was 17 (I was 46 at dx) - the only breaks have been to have my kids. Following dx, I was advised not to restart the depo provera injections I had been having. I hate condoms, can’t stand the thought of the coil - and although I considered getting sterilised, I just couldn’t face another hospital procedure after all I’d been through - so the only obvious solution to me - was that contraception was now down to my hubby (after all I had been responsible for it for 29 years!) - so off he went and had the snip!

Wish he’d done it earlier - and I swear blind that my current weight loss (have gone from a size 16 pre dx to a size 12 and still losing!) - is due to the fact that I no longer have to take contraceptives!.

Best solution by far!

Margaret x

Margaret, I think you are right on the weight loss. Within 2 months of coming off the pill back in 1996 I had lost 10 pounds. In the late 80s I was put on a new type of contraceptive pill and I gained a stone in a matter of a few weeks - I could not get into any of my work skirts and this seems to have been the trigger for me gaining weight from my late 20s on. Up to that point I had never been any more than 8st and a size 10.

Hi Margeret,
thanks for you reply… you made me laugh:-). I not married but have long term partner, have disscussed the new man pill but for a number of reasons i would not feel comfortable with it… especially as I would probably have to feed it to him. Alongside there has not been much research into it.

we are young and have no kids yet and i don’t think he would be up for the snip yet.

I think i may go with the coil.



I had the Mirena coil fitted about 18 months before my dx. I do still have very light periods with it and it was no problem being fitted. I did question my Breast care nurse about whether it should be removed as my BC is oestrogen receptor positive but she said that the coil releases such tiny amounts of hormone that it was fine. I also checked with my oncologist who saw no need to remove it either.
Hope you find what’s right for you x


Sorry I am a bit late replying.

I too had stage 3 non hormonal cancer, but was advised not to use the pill. I am now 31 and didnt like the idea of the faffing about with the coil, we tried condoms, but we didnt want them for long term use and I would stress out in case it was going to split!!! So I decided to have the non hormonal coil, I havent had children and I too will agree it was like a smear having it inserted. My periods were very heavy to start with, but I have had it in for 8 months now and periods are still heavy for one day and then I have 1 or 2 days fairly normal and then I have stopped, I am also very regular. My coil can be left in for 10 years. I am happy with my choice, although I dont know how painful it is to have it removed yet.

Hi Buster,

Thankyou for your reply. That is just what I wanted to hear. I have been to the docs and she gave me aleaflet about the coil or IUD as they call it. I will go to family planning next week for the pre-test they do and get fitted. that will bring a little peace of mind.



Just wanted to say I also have the no-hormonal IUD and it was no problem having it inserted. A bit of mild discomfort, nothing more. Worth it for 5 years’ hassle-free contraception, I say! My periods were a bit heavy to start with and irregular now but then they always were.