Cooked to Perfection

Hiya girls

Well that’s me done! I’ve had all my rads (plus boost), got my ‘smiley face’ sticker and I’m on my own. As I’m triple negative that’s all my treatment finished. I had WLE in January, 6 months of chemo and nearly 1 month of rads - phew! I don’t know what to do with myself now, I’ve got all this time on my hands lol. Decided not to go back to work until after Christmas as I want some ‘me’ time that doesn’t involve hospital appointments, taking temperature, constantly washing hands etc., etc. It’s been a loooooooong journey and not the easiest thing I’ve ever done, but done it I have and I’m really proud of myself. I was the biggest worrier/wimp in the world 12 months ago and from somewhere I got strength that I never thought possible, I met everything head on and remained positive throughout. So, to all you lovely ladies still going through it, hang on in there, the end comes quicker than you can imagine. I wish each and every one of you the best of luck and the healthiest (and longest) future ever.

I’ll still ‘pop’ in here every now and again to see how you are all doing but, in the meantime, if anyone needs me then just yell.

Love and the biggest hugs to you all

Julie xxxxxxxxx

Ah Julie,
That’s brilliant news. Watch out for the gremlins that will try to make you feel down and flat, and stamp on them. You go out and enjoy your time off. Do lots of lovely things you’ve been thinking about. Treat yourself.
I wish you the very best future and hope you never have to come back here again, except to keep in touch.

Congratulations Julie

Well done my love and enjoy the time you have to yourself before you go back to work. You deserve it. Can’t wait to join you but thanks for such an upbeat post.

Good luck in the future


Hi Julie

What brilliant news, I am glad you have seen the improvement in your outlook over the past 12 months.

My very best wishes for a bright future, you earned your stripes and thank you for supportive entries on the site.

Take care


Hi Julie

You are right to be proud of yourself and to have some me time. It’s amazing where that inner strength comes from isn’t it? I doubt whether any of us thought we could cope but we do. I have chosen not to have chemo, as I had a choice, so I haven’t had as bad a time as you and others. I am just going through radiotherapy now and am taking Tamoxifen.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your time off work. It should be the best Christmas ever for you and heres to a happier and healthier new year.


Lots of love.


hi julie
how brilliant !! you just take the time to spoil yourself , you sooooo deserve it, have the best christmas ever.
lots of love galen x

congratulations and well done Julie.

Diane x

well done you chica…enjoy all your checkups…go get reeeaaallly drunk and enjoy your peeling cos thats really really annoying by the way

well done Julie

lovely post very inspiring for those yet to go on the journey, I too have finished and just waiting for the check up side and yes isnt it wonderful being able to do what you like when you like again…not having to worry about getting an infection whilst on chemo I threw most of my chemo’s clothes out…

enjoy yourself my love whilst off work, time soon fly’s…

Lol Pam