Cooking in September/October

Decided to start a new thread for all of us going through Radiotherapy in Sept/Oct.

I had my first one this morning and it was fine, quick painless and really ok.

One down 18 to go!!!


Carol xx

Snap!! I’ve just had my first zap of 25 this morning - totally painless, but an hour’s waiting around to be seen didn’t go down too well :frowning:

Good luck with the rest of yours!

Lesley x

Good luck with yours too, I was lucky my appt was for 9.30, I was out for 9.45!!! hope they are all like that

take care

Carol xx

Mine was 10.15 and I was out at 11.40 :frowning: Let’s hope it’s a bit better tomorrow!!

Good luck!

Lesley xx

I have my planning appt on Thursday and start zapping next Tuesday.
Great to hear others experiences.
My treatment appts are all 9am so no long lies for me!

Hi Dot, welcome, its actually better getting it done first thing as you have the rest of the day to yourself

Good luck

Carol xxx

ps I didnt even hear a zap!!!

Yes, I’d much rather have 9 am appointments, then you have the rest of the day to yourself! I didn’t hear a zap either but the brightness of the lights in the room nearly blinded me so kept my eyes closed, lol!

Actually I agree ,as you say I will have all day to myself to do what I want.At least I will be dressed before midday!
I am not too worried about the treatment itself,more the skin effects and what it will do to my implant as I had a LD recon last year.All centres seem to differ in what they do skin wise.Here they tell you to use no cream ,just wash with simple soap.
I am gonna ask a really silly question,is your chest bare when they do the treatment.Not bothered either way but just want to know what to expect.

Hi sll, i am having prep day on 25th sept but start rads on oct 19th after my hol. I had WLE and 9 lymph nodes removed on aug 11th.Started on tamoxifen last week as well. Will follow you all to see how you are. best wishes girls. Tan

Hi Dot

Yes, it’s done bare-chested - I had to change into a hospital gown just before the treatment, but one that did up at the front so less revealing than the norm!!

I’ve been told to use no soap but have bought a huge pot of aqueous cream - funny how different centres give different advice.

All the best with your treatment

Lesley x

Hi All

I’ll be joining you soon. Planning meeting is now set for 28th Sept. Expect rads the week after that, probably. Have giant pot of aqueous cream as advised…

Anna x

I go for my planning session tomorrow, then start my sessions (I’m having 25 zaps) on 1st October, so should all be done and dusted well before christmas. It’s almost exactly a year since my diagnosis, so I shall be glad to get this bit over with, and get my life back again!

hi all,

thought i’d join you, all though I did start my cooking end of Aug, I’ve had 11 zaps, 2 to go then 3 booster next week,
My app all at 1 pm ish, some time are long waits about 1 1/2 hrs runing late, then today I was in nd out before my app was due, as got there early.
Getting sore under the boob but been given gel to slap on as well as the cream, (which the hos should be giving it to you all free of charge).Leaving the bra off while at home.
Hope all goes well for you all.

welcome Narnia and Sunset, hope you both get on ok with rads

I am just getting ready to go for number 2!!!

Groundhog day!!!


Carol xx

well today was a disaster thats me just home, patient transport forgot to pick me back up, so making my own may in rest of the week, Im a bit pinky around the nipple already, they gave me cream today

the joys

Carol xx

hi carol.
That was a bad day, what time was ur app today,? do you live far from the hospital.

I didn’t has any problem with my boob until after my 10th , it’s only just going red last wk and getting sore under the boob

Hope ur next session is better,are you daily.?

i’ve got my 14th cooking 2morro.

9.30 this morning!!! cant believe im going red already, you are getting there sunset

take care

Carol xx

Me again,
Just thought i’d give you info what my hos says, you can use sinple soap nd shampoo, i’ve been using since i started, also told i could use deodorant under opposite arm. i’ve had no problems with either.
when i have rad they put paper over my boobs , i did ask why they said modesty…

Hi, I attending my planning meeting on 22nd Tuesday, so i will be in radiation October, i live 10 miles from the hospital and dont drive, is there any help with travel costs and also is thre a way of getting transport thre and back. I thougt of DIAL A RIDE because i have a phsical disability, and receive DLA, has anone else been in this situation, any tips on timing of appointments, sounds like they are flexible.

Hi Shenay. I had my planning appointment a week ago and am due to start 15 sessions of rads on 1st October. I wasn’t asked what time I would like and also I did tell them I will be going on holiday from 24th October but they have allocated mine so that it finishes just 3 days before my holiday. So they are not really all that flexible but musn’t grumble this is the NHS after all.

I did find out I could get transport though and Im not on any benefits or anything like that. But then when I asked to be booked for transport they tried to put me off saying it will take up most of my day etc. I live about 25 miles from the hospital where I will be having my rads.

Hope you manage to get transport.