Cooling cap


I am going to start my chemotherapy in 3 weeks time. Is any one know or have any experience using cooling cap.  If you know let me know and also please let me know where can I get the cooling cap.



Hi lilly
if you go to the latest chemotherapy thread you will be able to get some advice from ladies having chemo x
the hospital will supply the cap, it’s a bit like a riding hat! Also macmillan site have a section all about it
best wishes and good luck lilly x
sheena xx

thanks Sheena


Hi - my hospital supply the cooking cap . It is very cold but if you can endure the first 15 minutes - you will do it as your head becomes numb afterwards . I have gad one chemo session - no hair loss . Second chemo tomorrow . Good luck with yours

Sorry - just seen my spelling - apologies !! Cooling cap and not cooking cap x

So you recommend a cooling cap then? How much time does it add on to treatment? x