coonavurys and stress levels rising

Hi all been a while since I posted anything but I would like to put a thought out of you don’t mind.

I have recently had my 2 year follow up mammogram after a relatively minor (compared to some) DCIS op.  I was so anxious at the first one and made myself Ill with worry and stress however it was all ok thankfully as was the second follow up in February this year i tried very hard to keep a lid on my anxiety and thought I had managed fairly well.  I must add that I am well and did not have to have any follow up treatment after my op, everything healed no residual anything as far as I am aware.  Therefore i feel a bit of a fraud with my question given that so many of you have so much more to deal with.  I work as an admin in a care home and we have been told we are considered essential workers therefore cannot work from home.  I will add we do not have the virus in the home at present. My anxiety started rising after a well meaning colleague asked how I was and said “if course you have to be extra careful”. It set me off thinking which is always a bad thing where this thing is concerned!  Stupid question but here it is am i considered more at risk (from coronavirus) because I am still in the follow up part of treatment?  I think I know the answer but my anxiety or stress levels are rising because of this virus and my own personal demons which I am clearly still dealing with, does this sound selfish I’m sorry if it does. Psychological i know but I have another 3 years of follow ups yet and am not taking anything for granted.  Thanks for reading xx