Coping with nerves and anxiety............. hints and tips please!

 Hi Ladies,


I am doing my best to stay positive and calm.  2nd op on Thurs and then chemo to follow.


Keeping busy, resting when I need to, trying to get a good nights sleep, drinking lots of water and eating properly.  Being outside in the garden and walking my little dog helps too… how are you all managing to keep those those dreaded nerves at bay??





Sandra x

Hi Sandra. Once your treatment starts you will feel much more in control. Your in safe hands for your op and the chemo is do able … I’m on 4th and have been fine just nausea etc … You will get lots of support from this group… Hang in there … Deep breathe when you need to but you will beat this xx

Sandra deffo keeping busy helped me! I felt better when I got more info, when I knew next steps I could plan fun stuff around it. Oh and using this site, and talking to husband, family friends etc. Don’t worry in silence. I’m on round 2 tomorrow, typing this with a fuzzy head and feeling good!! Big kid today with trip to the zoo, chemo tomorrow so fun has to be had. Take care x

Hi. This is my first ever post but as others have said keeping busy etc helps. My ONC said the glass is half full not half empty. I have now gone for that mindset. Yes a good cry is necessary as I did when the nurse put in the IV for my first chemo (that’s when I came to tern I had BC and not even at the point of surgery ). Also ask as many questions that you can think of. Hopes and dreams are good and after having today off work as a precaution after chemo yesterday i went shopping and bought some lovely long sleeve cotton tops.