CoQ10 - any use ??

Has anyone had any experience of good results from using CoQ10 ? I have read recently that it is supposed to help with energy levels and may also reduce the dreaded hot sweats (nightmare at the mo in particular).I was 100% ER and PR positive and am worried about anything that may encourage the hormones again.

I had chemo, mx and anc then rads and am currently on Arimidex with Zoladex for the hormone side of things and monthly Zometa IV for bone secondaries and chemo induced osteoporosis. I have what seems like all the common side effects from the original treatment and the current drugs. Tried evening primrose, omega 3 and the magnet in the knickers but no joy…My onc wants me to stay on the current regime in spite of the really hormonal side effects as I have a 98% chance of recurrence within 5 yrs (only statistics I know) and I would rather do that anyway.

Thanks, Liz

hi Liz cat
I take coenzyme Q10 supplement every day. I think I take the 100mg one. I can’t remember why I started it, I think a friend told me was good to get rid of free radicals or something!! anyway I lead a very active lifestyle - 3 young kids - running or climbing most days and I do think it helps my energy levels. I’m ER+PR+HER2+ and have not heard from anyone it’s contraindicated. I’m not sure if it really gives me energy or if it’s just psychological but it works for me so I’m staying on it for the moment.
Hope this helps
E xx

oh by the way, I’m on Tamoxifen but thankfully not experiencing hot flushes so your theory could be right?? but I think I started the Q10 about the same time as the Tam so who knows?

I took Co-enzyme Q10 during my 5 weeks of radiotherapy, and felt full of energy and drove myself to hospital every day and continued to work part time. I’m sure it helps with energy levels, not sure what else it does. A hospital in the North is giving it to rads patients as a trial to see if it helps with tiredness.

Thanks for the replies - a friend has a supply I can have as she doesn’t use them and they’re dated til 2011 !! She was recommended them for pregnancy tiredness by a mutual friend who had them during chemo and swore by them - he’s treated at Christies and they said it was ok. So I will give them a bash and expect instant results !!!