cording (?) after rads, is this normal?

Hi wondered if anyone could advise me on this? I finished rads on monday 22nd feb and for the last few days have been experiencing pains in my arm similar to the cording i had after surgery. My cording cleared up a few weeks after surgery and i have had full movement back in my arm since then.
The pain itself isnt along the full length of my arm - just from the elbow down along the inside of my forearm. It hurts to touch it and to raise or straighten my arm.
Could it be a recurrence of the cording caused by rads or something else?


Although I didn’t have cording after rads, I did have it after surgery and it seemed to move along different parts of the arm. At the start, it was from my armpit to my elbow and later it was from elbow to wrist. I think I remember reading that it can occur after a long time, although I got mine after a week or two. I would think it is a recurrence for some reason - probably, having to stretch your arm up for a long time during rads. It might be worth ringing your BCN just to check, though.

You could try massaging it. I did, and it helped a lot, as well as stretching the arm frequently.

Ann x

Hi Pixielox,
I had cording after my mx, it wasn’t too bad and went away with a bit of exercise. Unfortunately, about 4 months later it has come back and been more uncomfortable. Mine is also from my elbow to my wrist and hurts when I put my arm out straight or raise my arm. Before it was more uncomfortable in my upper arm.
In my case it is not because of rads becuase I only had my planning today so don’t know what brought it back.
Hi Ann, long time no chat!!! How are you doing. You must have finished tratment now. I have had planning today and start rads in 2 weeks. Chemo all done and wasn’t too bad thank goodness. Hope you are doing well.
Love to you both,
Jane xx

Hi Pixielox
Yes I also had cording after rads it was exactly as you describe and the same as after surgury. Exercise and massage soon sorted it. Good luck
take care kittyx

Hi Jane! Haven’t seen you on here for ages. Maybe I just missed your threads. How is it going? Yes, I finished rads on 8th Jan - should have been 6th Jan, but couldn’t get there because of the snow. That was the worst part of it all - the weather. Trying to get to the hospital each day was a real nightmare. Apart from pink, itchy skin, it held up really well. Got a bit tired, but a lot of that was not sleeping well added to the stress of the journey. I am sure you will not find it too bad, compared with chemo! Glad you felt it wasn’t too bad, though. How are the wigs?

Ann xxx

Hello again Ann,
Glad to hear your doing ok, I have been posting but on ‘1st Chemo Tomorrow’ which has been brilliant support. Most of us have finished now and moved onto rads but we are still able to help and support each other. I think chemo would have been a lot harder without this forum. in fact I think every part of my treatment would be harder without this forum!!
Love to you,
Jane xx
Sorry just remembered the wigs, yes they have been great, can’t do bald!! They stayed on even in the winds last week!! Bit warm though with the hot flushes!!!

Ah, that will be why I haven’t seen you on here recently, Jane. I agree that this site has been invaluable. I really don’t know how I would have coped without the lovely people giving their words of encouragement and advice.

Hopefully, you won’t need the wigs by the time the warmer weather comes, assuming we are going to get a decent summer this year. Did you manage to get to all your chemo appointments despite the bad weather? As I mentioned, I had trouble getting through the snow and ice to my radiotherapy. Do you know when you start yours and how many are you having?

Love Ann xxx

thanks for your advise girls. I fell off my mountain bike and sprained my wrist the day after i posted so have been doing lots of massage and it seems to have helped in both cases!!