Me again, full of questions this morning!


Has anyone got cording starting? I have a little in my arm pit and can feel tightness down my arm. BCN said to massage it.

I also noticed yesterday I have what feels like cording running into my breast also? I’ve not seen any info that said about cording in the breast. Also my nipple is very over sensitive


In asked onc yesterday as I was there but he just said to massage it, not really explaining if OK in the breast. He also said it was nerves, and just laughed when I said get a dent when I raise my arm- so I gave up asking. So thought I’d ask on here, but could also ask bcn by phone. Thanks 

Hi Xena

I hope you have now got a response to your question, but in case you still have outstanding questions you may find more responses if you posted on the Going through treatment category or theMoving Forward after treatment category.

Ask Our Nurses is always a good place to turn to as well, they are excellent in providing any information or answering any clinical questions you may have.

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Hi xena, i seem to have the very same symptons as you , and i feels like i have cord in my breast, i am getting doctor have a look later

Debbie x