Core Biopsies..... what should I expect?

Hi again!

I added a post this week about being worried about going in to be examined after finding a lump, seeing my GP and being referred.

Well that was yesterday and I’m very glad to say it is thought to be a Fibroadenoma. I thought that might be the end of it but my doctor wants to do an Ultrasound and a Core Biopsy on Christmas eve to be absolutely sure there is nothing else going on.

I just wondered if there are any ladies out there who have recently had core biopsies done who can tell me their experience with them. I’d mainly like to know is it painful getting them done and will I need to be careful for a day or so afterwards?

I have told all my family Christmas day hugs may have to be gentle ones…

Hello Emma,


I’ve had a couple of core biopsys and they are not painfull, they apply a local anasethetic. You may be a little tender for a day or so, but hardly anything. I would suggest you have someone to drive you home afterwards.


I just stressed out a little both times and was a bit wobbly! But thats just me - a big scaredy cat, without cause!


Good luck,



Thanks for the reply Ann.
My husband will be there to drive me home. It’s not what I wanted to be getting up to on Christmas eve and I don’t think I will fully relax until I get my results but it all has to be done doesn’t it?
At least when I’ve had it all done I can do what you have done and help women with information when it’s their first time going through the tests.

Thanks again!!

So my biopsies are all done and dusted. I am left with a mark which wouldn’t bother me if it didn’t fully heal. It certainly wasn’t a pleasant experience despite the nurse and man performing them being lovely and making me laugh throughout.
There was no pain during, not even with the anaesthetic needle it was just a weird pressure.
I felt a lot of pain afterwards, like a dull ache on my left side with stabbing pains. It didn’t last too long though and I managed without any pain relief.
If I ever find more lumps I will slightly dread getting more biopsies but at least I know what to expect now.
I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and new year!!!