core biopsy after care?

this may sound a stupid question but will i be able to lift my youngest son after this, hes quite heavy as it is, and im still sore from yesterdays biop. or will i need to be careful and just except ne help offered from ppl areound me


I don’t think there are any hard rules as to what you can and can’t do, it’s just what you are up to coping with. I had the blacksmith out to shoe my youngster for the first time after I had my second core biopsy, and was dragged around a stable by a rearing horse on and off for well over an hour. I also had to muck out the stables and ten kenenels that evening and twice daily theron - it was a little uncomfortable but easily do-able.

Just go with your body and what you can usually cope with. As for help, take it if you are lucky enough to be in that position :slight_smile:

Good luck.


Hi Madgal,

I was fine using my arm, so long as no-one touched my breast, it went all the colours of the rainbow afterwards, and 2 weeks later is still a little tender, but didn’t have any problems lifting my 3 yr old. I think it just depends on your own pain threshold.

Hope your felling better about everything today hun.

Heidi x

yea i am just wondered as the lump is on the side i usually pick marshall up with, as it is my strongest side. so maybe il justtake the help tahts offered for couple of days, especially as hes into pinching me on thge breast in temper at the mo (deliful child he is lol) goin through terrible twos and only a year and a half old bles him.

im feeling a lil better about things now yea, still bit tense but coping. thanks you for your comments

My 5 year old is a heafty thing - I was able to cuddle and pick her up with my left hip and arm! The area of the core biopsy was not too bad - and I certainly did moving and lifting things - but it was writing that I found hard!! NO bruising though - lots of arnica - works everytime!! Just had bloods taken for my WLE on Fri - that is more bruised than my boob was (forgot the arnica!!). I did however warn her that we would not be able to do the full blown rugby tackles she likes for a few days!!! Didn’t take long to be back to normal.

Good luck with it

Tinks x