Core biopsy infection?

Hi all
I had a core biopsy last week, the next day I was in agony it’s 5 days after now and site is healing and scabbed however just under the under the sight I am red and angry and in the middle looks like dried pus ( similar to an abcess in the past) I rang gp who said its unlikely for it to appear that quick plus I’ve been on anti biotics for chest infection. I suppose my questions are has this happened to anybody? Could I of had a big infection in breast and biopsy has disturbed it? If so would that not of been seen on scans ? I know they are testing for ibc as mammo and us were clear he urged the biopsy as have had significant breast changes in last 5 weeks. Also is it possible that it could be ibc after being disturbed by biopsy? Or is this unlikely? I should add I have no milk ducts in that breast. Thank you in advance x

Hi again, I’ve just been reading your story. Did you have an infection? I’ve been told that it’s possible. (I’m having my core biopsy on Thurs, we’ve been in touch on another thread… ) x

I’d be tempted to ring wherever you had the biopsy done and get them to look at it.