Core Biopsy Results Age 25

Hi all,


I have been to hospital today, as I discovered what I thought was a lump on my left breast.


When I went for my initial exam by the breast specialist before the scan, she said she is sure it is nothing dangerous due to only being 25. However, when I went for the ultra sound, the sonographer said she couldn’t see anything on the scan, only dense breast tissue. 


Another doctor then came in and said the same, she said that they would take biopsies ‘just to be sure’. 

I am so worried, and I was asked to book a follow up for my results a week today. Is this normal? I am so worried, and I suffer with severe health anxiety.


Please help

Hi Hannahlizzy21,

I’m sorry to hear you’re worried about this, particularly when health anxiety is already a big concern for you. 

As you haven’t had a reply from the community yet and while you’re waiting for the test results, do feel free to call and speak to one of our breast care nurses. You can reach them on 0808 800 6000. 

Take care, Becca at Breast Cancer Care.