core biopsy said PASH

Im new here and Im not sure if Im in the correct place, but I had an ultrasound last week and a core biopsy. My Dr called and said, nothing to worry about its PASH… (having no clue what it is, I went to DR GOOGLE) not sure if that was a mistake. anyway its above my right breast at 12:00. its a little painful, and a nice size clumpy lump.

Im seeing my DR again 1/27 for an ultrasound and possible removal.

My question is, should I go through surgery to remove this? should I be concerned that there is something else in there? My dr said they normally dont remove, but I am a runner and it does bother me to a point.


any thoughts would be so appreciated!



Hi Bren and welcome to the BCC forums, you may find the following link to a recent thread about PASH which I hope you will find helpful whilst you await replies here:

Our helpliners are on hand with practical and emotional support for you on 0808 800 6000 and lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays so please feel free to call

Take care
Lucy BCC



I found your earlier posting.  It doesn’t seem to be on the PASH board, which is why you probably didn’t hear from anyone.  It looks like it was posted on your welcome page instead.  Anyway, I think I answered your question with my earlier response, but feel free to contact me if you have any questions on my procedure.


Cheryl (kkisamu)