Core biopsy waiting time

Hi just a quick overview of where I’m up to, I went to my GP with a lump on my left breast where she found one on the right as well and referred me to the breast clinic.
On my first appointment they drained the cyst on the left breast and asked me to come back for a check up in 3 weeks time.
Well I went back on the 9th of this month and when I was called in somebody else took me for an ultrasound on my right breast and said the lump was solid and they were sure it was nothing to worry about and asked me to sign a consent form for a core biopsy.
They did the procedure there and then and said I will receive my results in the post, is this correct and how long should I wait?
Sorry for the long post

Hi K. I hope you are doing okay - have you heard anything yet? I think I am in a similar position as you. I had a cyst drained three weeks ago and went back for my check up today. They did mammograms of both breasts and an ultrasound on the left - where the cyst was. During this they found a different solid lump and said I had to go back for the core biopsy next week. What was the biopsy like? Has anyone told you how you will get your results or how long they will take?


Hi mgt66, I haven’t heard anything today but I did phone the clinic and they said that due to the cyber attack they can not get into my records and will call me once they can.
As for the core biopsy it really was not painful at all, you feel a little scratch when they put the needle in to numb the area and then after that you don’t feel anything, after I had a small bruise but no pain.
Its just the waiting that is the worst and I really was not expecting a biopsy as I thought it would be a check up and that would be it.
Have they told you when you will get your results after the biopsy