core biopsy yesterday , need advice ?

Hi Ladies,

   Wanted to see if anyone has had any similar    experiance to me ,had first apptment at bc yesterday,had mammo/ultrasound ,results were 2 cysts in left breast  , said that wasnt a worry but i have large hard lump under left armpit which is rather fixed  they did [core biopsy] .   I

have appt for next week at clinic see dr and maybe results .

   Is it possible for the lump to be cancerous but breast not be affected or showin any other symtons.

 i am 48 and lump has been there for roughly 1 year or more.

  really hoping  to have any thoughts as thinking  i shouldnt be celebrating yet …

         thanks in advance. xxxxx    rose

Hi rose38,

I’ve responded to the private message you’ve sent me, but I’ve now seen this post as well. Did anyone say what they thought the lump in your armpit might be? I assume it isn’t another cyst as they did a core biopsy on it.

In all honesty, and I imagine you want honesty, lumps can present themselves in other areas than just the breast. For example, some people find lumps up near the collar bone or on the chest wall. Lumps in the armpit can be breast cancer, but that doesn’t mean that it IS breast cancer.

Remember that the majority of lumps turn out to be benign and completely innocent. The main thing is, you’ve been to the clinic and had tests to find out what this lump is.

Trust me when I say the waiting is the hardest part. You feel in limbo as you don’t know what’s going on. Whatever the result is, it’s better to know than not to know. Even if it is cancerous, it’s better to find out, and then deal with it.

I really hope you get good news and that your lump is cancer free. In the meantime while you’re waiting, try to keep as busy as you can to keep your mind occupied. Come on here whenever you need support. Also, the helpline is very good if you want to talk to someone.

Also, feel free to message me if ever you want a private chat.

Take care my lovely, and keep your chin up. Honestly, the wait is the hardest bit… Lots of love and hugs, Mel. xxx