core biopsy

a week ago i found a small moveable lump and went to gp
today i went to hospitl and saw dr then had mamogram,then scan and then a core biopsy where the scan lady used a something with a loud click lol 3 times

i asked her what she thought she said there were no shadows around and the top looked fine but under wasnt the same as the rest, hence the biopsy

i have convinced myself its cancer now and wondered what the next stage is going to be
there is only me and my 4 yr old and im so scared

i have to go back on wed for results
i also have a real childcare issue and wondered if there was anypoint in asking if dr would give results over the phone

i so dont want to be sitting in a hospital for the bad news
sorry for going on im in a bit of a tiz

Hi lincs lady. We all remember that awful time waiting for results, but you haven’t got long to wait. If they thought it was definitely cancer, they would have told you, so it’s quite possible that it itsn’t. I won’t tell you not to worry, because that’s impossible, but do try to occupy yourself between now and then. The ladies on here are fantastic and will give you lots of support, but if you can get out and about, and doing things, it may help to distract you a bit.

I doubt very much whether your consultant would give the result over the phone, but there’s no harm in asking. However, if it is bad news, it’s good to be at the hospital where you will have access to breast care nurses and you will be given lots more information and reassurance. I do think that the hospital is the best place to receive your results. Can you not take your 4 year old with you? If you’re struggling for childcare, I’m sure they won’t mind him/her being there with you.

Good luck for Wednesday and let us know how you get on.

Sal x

i would much prefer to have my results at home over the phone rather than at a hospital. That’s where I got mine and it involved having to hang around for hours waiting for everyone else who had surgery at the same time as me to leave. I could not see any advantage in being at hospital for them, and after six years I still can’t.

If it’s more convenient for you to have your results telephone to you at home why not? Especially for people with young children. I found it unhelpful to have a nurse there who hadn’t been briefed about me except outside the door in my hearing.

In the USA and New Zealand they often give results out by phone and it doesn’t seem to harm the women there


I tend to agree with salopets = I was glad to have the support of the bcn after the diagnois was given - it really helped. Am sure that they would not mind either if you took your child along too. So sorry that you are going through this.

thankyou so much for your quick replys
i cant seem to stop crying
would they really have given an inkling today? they didnt really the scan lady just said it wasnt normal and the dr just said there is a lump and we will see what the results are

i am going to phone tomorrow and ask if i can have the results over the phone
then if they say no at least i wont be thinking its cos they are bad because dr said i have to ring wed am to see if the results are in for my appointment

i dont think i could wait or a letter
i dont think i would trust my son to behave lol
thankyou again and i must stop reading the internet and scaring myself
ive already convinced myself its my last xmas and i just cant handle it
sorry i know im being pathetic

hang in there lincs lady -it is the scariest bit,the not knowing,I do remember that bit so well. thinking of you xx

Hi - sorry that you are going through this worry… {{{hugs}}}

I think they would have told you that they were suspcious it was cancer if they were quite sure… as they do often warn people to prepare for that news… But unfortunatly until they do the tests etc you can’t always tell… I don’t think they would ever tell you bad news in a letter…

really hope you get good news…


Sorry that you are going through this with it looks like not a lot of support. Please don’t surf the net too much as there is a lot of scaremongers out there. Stick with this one and Cancer Backup. Hopefully your results will be good but in my opinion it would be better for you if you went to the hospital with a friend or family member with you and of course your 4yr old. Hopefully it won’t be anything nasty but the surgeon can tell you what if any treatment will be necessary and explain it to you.
I will be thinking of you and hope that all goes well.

Hi Lincs Lady

So sorry you’re going through this. Your post caught my eye as you sound just like I was before diagnosis and as anyone of us will tell you, the waiting is hell!

Have to say I agree with Mole on this one. I was given my results a week after core biopsy by male surgeon who infomed me of the treatment required (mast) in very matter of fact tone and I was in bits (usually very strong and stoic) - wouldn’t have been appropriate for a small child to have had to witness that! Definately agree with taking a friend/relative (boss in my case!) with you if you do have to go to hospital.

I really hope the outcome for you is good and even though I had to have treatment, it has turned out OK so it’s not always a bad outcome even if the news isn’t brilliant. Feel free to PM if you wish.

Good luck. Lots of love. Cathy x

thankyou for replys

i will know at 9am tomorrow if i can get son into holiday club
i have a friend who would come but i think i want to do this on my own
they said they wouldnt do letter or over the phone as we expected

i could have waited till fri and gone to a nearer hospital but id rather not wait

Good Luck lincs lady for results at least you will know sooner rather than waiting and worrying,will be thinking of you as I remember the feeling so well.
Take Care xx

Hi Lincs lady,

Think you should have had your results by now,fingers crossed that you’re busy celebrating!

If it’s not the news you wanted to hear,remember we’re all here for you,

Love Little H x

Thinking of you - and really hope it has gone well today

Theresa x

thanks for thinking of me ladies
im afraid i am joining you
so i will go post on another board as im in bits

Big Hugs
We are here for you,