Core biopsy

Back here again after a year relatively worry free! Annual mamogram revealed another lesion so recalled for Wed just gone, now just waiting. Its worse this time becasue my partner has been diagonsed with mouth cancer and has his op on Mon in Aintree, so have now gone from a few hours a night to virtually no sleep.
This time the area is much further up on my breast whereas before it was behimd the nipple but I suppose now thats a much safer area now the milk ducts have gone. I honestly don’t know what I am waffling on about, just feeling a bit sick. Strange that , first lump was removed over 30years ago on my birthday!!!

Hi Ruby,

Sorry to hear you are back in the scary place. And your poor husband too. You both have a lot on your plates with this b!@#%&d disease!!

No words of wisdom to offer, but my heartfelt sympathies! :frowning:

Thank you Morwenna

Sending hugs to both you and your husband Ruby.

Maggie xx

best wishes to you and your hubby ruby x
Love maggie x

Thank you everyone for your kind words.
My partner had his op on Monday and there was more cancerous cells than first anticipated however the surgeon said the initial clearing has been under microscope and he thinks the clerance was reaonably successful.
Whilst I was away (despite me leaving a mobile number) the Brest Care Nurse left messages for me to call for a further appointment - for my results and because they couldn’t make contact I will have to wait until, the 15th July. I’m feeling so fed up so sick of being at hospitals - sorry becasue I know so many others on this site are experiencing bad news. Anyway ladies I am thinking about all the strong, wonderfull women who all give such fantastic support. Thank you.

Poor Bernie, great fighter sad loss, thoughts are with her family.

Well only 20 hours to go till I get my results!!! This has been the longest two weeks of my life, I’m trying to be positive and phiisophical thinking like well it can be treated so whats my problem. The problem being I thought I had done and dusted this awful disease in 2004 but it still niggling away at me.
Well folks hope you are all outside enjoying this lovely weather and not being a sad old f… on the computer.
Will keep you posted.

Hi everyone, got my results today! Its cancer in my left breast, small tumour we discussed a lumpectomy but because of my previous diagnosis of ADH & DCIS in my right breast I have been offered a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction along with axillary surgery to assess the status of the sentinel lymph node, OSNA test. Can’t rule out radiotherapy but that will be confirmed when all the results are available. Plus tamoxifen for 5 years becasue its oestrogen receptor positive.
Not really what I had hoped for! However I am pleased I pushed last year for a referral becasue of the pain I was experiencing so really I wouldn’t be back in the monitoring phase so I suppose its fairly positive.
Haven’t got a date yet but hoepfully early August not loking forward to the op.

Hi Ruby
I am so sorry that this was your result. I don’t know what to say - apart from the fact that cancer CAN be beaten. There are so many wonderful ladies on this site who are testimony of the fact. I hope the wait till the op is not too long and that it all goes very smoothly. X

Hi ThinLizzie
Thank you so much for those lovely kind words. I know these are so many selfless women who give strength, empathy and inspiration to so many, thank you all.
Will keep you posted.
Lots of hugs