Coronation Street breast cancer story line...

I was in Sainsbury’s today and noticed a tv mag with a forthcoming storyline in which Sally Webster discovers a lump in her breast and is diagnosed with cancer - I just looked it up online and it seems that the story runs in December.

I’m a ‘Corrie’ fan so I hope they cover this story line with some sensitivity. If they get it wrong I’m sure the fans who have been affected by this cursed disease will let them know!

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I think they are in close consultation with bc experts

if they have been following the outrage on Katie Price and asda think they will tread carefully! as a corrie fan they do usually deal with issues sensitively and bring in a current issue every so often. hope they do resaearch carefully!
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Wonder how this story will pan out !

apparently Michael Le velle who plays Kevin has threatened to leave the soap if he is not allowed to stick by Sally, good for him

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as Gocat was showing in the link

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Here’s a link to a Yahoo news item which reports on Michael Le Vell’s decision to leave the series if his character Kevin does not stop the affair he is having so that he support Sally.


I do watch Coronation Street ( usually the Omnibus) but I have noticed as a pre cursor to this story line that Sally seems to be drinking more wine recently and a lot more emphasis has been placed on it…has anyone else noticed this? I think it may be, as overindulging in alcohol as always been sited as the main atribute to BC!!

Also a Corrie fan and heard about the story line. Hope they don’t blame the wine - my mother has already gone down that line with me because I have a couple of glasses a night!!

I heard that they are working closely with bc experts but hope they are also consulting with ladies who have and are going through the process.

It will be interesting to follow how they deal with the issue.

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