Corrective breast surgery

Hi all,
I am going to hospital on 7th Nov for corrective surgery to my reconstructed breast. My plastic surgeon said that he will cut along my scar & move the muscle & tissue up & may fill it in a little(?) I was just wondering if anybody else has had this done & what was the recovery time?
Thanks Lisa x

Hi Lisa

You are welcome to give our helpline a call if you need further advice on 0808 800 6000, it’s open in the morning and each weekday from 9am until 5pm and Saturday until 2pm.

Best wishes
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Hi Lisa
good luck with your op, my recon didnt go well and i have a big hole at the cleavage area and so much scar tissue it looks a bit of a dogs dinner, much smaller than the other side as well, I have an cosmetic appointment with my surgeon in Dec, and am debating whether to go ahead with any more surgery, he said he wanted to lift the whole recon up and move it over to cover the hole by my cleavage!! sounds a bit to serious for me, dont think i could really cope with being in hospital again for another op.

I look forward to seeing your post after your op and i really hope it goes well
lots of luck :slight_smile:
x x

I hope it went well on the 7th. I had a similar lift in October which helped to balance the reconstrution with my reduced breast really well. Recovery time was really quick - back at work within 5 days and then the dressing came off after a week. Just had to wait a couple more weeks before I could swim again but generally everything else continued as normal. Limited pain immediately after and minimal discomfort for a few days after that. All has healed really well and scars no different than they were from the masectomy just over 16 months ago.