Does anyone know if there’s any specific reason to use alcohol-free or regular?

I know most/all hospitals seem to recommend Corsodyl during treatment but I didn’t ask whether alcohol free or regular had any medical pro’s or cons. Pre dx, our dentist had us using Peroxyl & it’s much better for after-taste, but my hospital staff hadn’t heard of it so I thought I’d better go with the flow!

Many thanks - Chris

I think it’s because the ones with alcohol in sting your mouth if you’ve got ulcers?? but not sure. I was told that corsodyl stains the teeth if you use it too much … everything has a SE doesn’t it!

I was lucky and didn’t suffer too much with ulcers and only had sore mouth with TAX 1, I think there is something called difflam which is supposed to be good.

Hope this helps a bit!


Hi Chris

I was prescribed Corsodyl when I had mouth ulcers from the chemo and this was alcohol free. I would think this may sting less if you have gum problems or ulcers but otherwise would not matter.


I got given the stuff with alcohol, for use 4 times a day. Not had any problems with stinging even though I’ve had the burnt mouth thing that really didn’t appreciate pineapple.

corsodyl stained my teeth, had to have the staining removed by my dentist half way through chemo.

Thanks ladies,

Must admit that I thought ‘they’ push the mouthwash as more of an additional preventative measure against gum problems. I was happy to comply in the hope of helping to prove my lovely dentist wrong for telling me that all my teeth would drop out during chemo!!
I did get 3 tongue ulcers & oral thrush just before FEC 2 but, despite my chemo nurses giving me a supply of ‘Gelclair’ for any future probs, I haven’t been blighted since (FEC 5 next).
I think I’ll do a bit of googling with the Peroxyl v Corsodyl cos I think half the icky taste/feeling is compounded by the Corsodyl (for me anyway) & I don’t want staining!


I was told the Corsodyl, being alcohol free, doesn’t dry your mouth out and is also an infection preventative rather than just a mouthwash.

It also seems to help me with the chemo mouth effect with the horrible taste stage.

I was also prescribed it by my orthodontist when I had an infection with a brace years ago.

Hope this helps.


I used Difflam when I was last having chmeo. When I was at my dentist this week he warned me that Corsodyl can discolour your teeth. Val

I used Corsodyl throughout my chemo of 3 FEC and 3 TAX and did experience some terrible mouth ulcers and sore gums. However, on the plus side, having finished my chemo in Feb this year I went to the dentist last week for a checkup and was delighted to hear that I did not need any dental treatment, just a wee polish and clean. Had my clean today and she was very complimentary on my teeth and gums given the recent chemo treatment. So, who knows, maybe Corsodyl played its part!!

hi i wash my mouth out and gargle with a tsp of bircarbonate of soda, in a mug of warm water, DO NOT SWALLOW IT!!!

it works wonders for me with thrush, ulcers and nasty no taste thing i have going on,

it doesnt stain your teeth either,

it works for me,

all the very best liz xxxx

Many thanks again for all your replies & helpful tips.