Cosmetic surgery after WLE

I’m seeing my surgeon in a week for results of one-year mammo and intend to ask him for a referral to PS as I’m quite unhappy about the cosmetic results. Because I had bilateral and sentinel node biopsy on both sides, I have 4 big scars. SNB scars are quite deep and indented and one of the WLE scars is really quite deep and ugly.

Just wondering if anybody else has had anything similar and what were the results - basically will it be worth pursuing?


My surgeon asked his boss if he could do a reduction on my good side and uplift plus fill on WLE side. It was refused and I will find out why on my two year appointment next month. I suspect funding cuts.

However I don’t really want another big operation, the longer I can stay away from hospitals the better.

Hi. I had a WLE and all my lymph nodes removed in Sept 09. I have a large scar where the nodes were taken from and a very deep scar where the tumour was taken from. I have had two lots of fat transfers now (Southport & Ormskirk DGH) and it is still not right. I had a breast lift on my good breast so they both balanced. My Plastic Surgeon said that when I go back in March,which will be three months after the operation, he will tell me if it is worth doing a further operation. If it is not good news I will consider getting a further opinion. As has been suggested the cost will be a major decision in whether they try another procedure or just tell me I have to live with the disfigurement.

Sheil I have an indent mostly on my right side from wle and my surgeon was keen to do lipofill before I got th cancer on the other side… I wasn’t interested at th time and he sad it would bebbest to wait until at least a tear after rads anyway as that is the main cause of the indentation.

Before my recurrence he was still keen to do it as he said it revitalises the blood flow and if I plan to have bilateral mx it’s a good idea to have bilateral lipofil sometime before hand.

I know every HB I different but seems that Lothian are keen to have high level of cosmesis for their BC patients.