Cost of Prosthesis, lingerie, swimwear

I had a mastectomy in March and am looking forward to finishing treatment and going back to swimming etc. However, i am shocked at the cost of swim prosthesis, and swimwear. I am a single Mum, who is not working(was training to be a teacher when struck by this) so any suggestions about how to get round these difficulties?

Hi jmarsha7

You may find Breast Cancer Care’s publication, ‘A confident choice’ helpful to read whilst you await replies. It contains information about buying bras and clothing following breast surgery and has a list of specialist bra companies at the back, here’s the link:

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My BC nurse put me in touch with Macmillan cancer support where i applied for a grant to help with costs, filled in a form and 2 weeks later was sent a cheque which was a great help with the cost of bra’s and a new wig.

Speak with your BC nurse or contact them directly -

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Hi Marsha,
Don’t forget good old ebay, I’ve picked up some stuff from there.
M&S do a limited range, and apparently so do Asda, but I haven’t got one nearby, so can’t verify that one. Depending on the style of the swimsuits you wore before, you can put pockets in those, or use a lightweight foam prosthesis and stitch it in. A discrete self hug as you get out the water drains a lot of it out, so you don’t dribble for ages!.

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Hi Marsha,

the foam prosthesis that Silversue mentioned is only something like £9.50. I bought one last year from Nicola Jane, and have been swimming with it usually every week since October. It’s beginning to lose it’s shape a bit now, and I think I need a new one, but it has lasted well. I also use it when I run. I have recently treated myself to a mastectomy swimsuit, but previously was using an ordinary swimsuit with a pocket sewn in.

Don’t forget that you can also swim in a normal prosthesis - you don’t have to buy a special swimming one, although they are probably more comfortable.

I don’t wear a prothesis for swimming - no one notices. Aoemena and Eloise do reasable bras. Swimwear in the their sales can be good and your usual prothesis can be worn for swimming if you want.

Hi Marsha

I started swimming again 6 months after my mastectomy and wore my stick on prosthesis which I got on the nhs. I had to wait the 6 months before they’d let me wear it - I think to make sure everythings healed up ok. I wore it with a high necked nike swimsuit and with a tankini which had ‘secret support’. I found it stayed put, and even braved the showers wearing it.

I bought cheap cotton sports bras from matalan and primark which held the sponge comfy and the silicone prosthesis with out the need for a pocket.

I got fitted for my prosthesis at BCC in London - it’s a fantastic service. They wrote down the name and model which I then took to my breast care nurse who ordered it in. If you like the idea of a stick on one (mine was from amoena) they have a soft fabric backing so you could wear them in a pocket or loose in a bra until you reach the 6 month mark.

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