Cough - taxotere

Hi I am in the middle of chemo taxotere and cyclophosphamide. Towards the end of my first cycle I developed a bad dry cough which became productive eventually. I mentioned it to the doctor who checked my chest but we put it down to a viral infection. I am now day 8 of second cycle and the cough is starting up again.

anyone else have this side effect?



Ginger, I’ve recently had a cough/cold which was due to a viral infection I caught off my husband despite sleeping in separate rooms as soon as he caught it! I was in my second week of FEC and my main worry was not being able to have my next dose of treatment but it turned out OK. Still have a dry cough now 10 days later - there’s a lot going about all over the country so it could be just that.
Hope you’re not suffering too much - we don’t need these things on top of everything g else do we?!